World of Warcraft

As I am sure most of you are aware, WoW is one of the longest reigning, arguably one of the best MMORPGs out there so this week we are going to talk about the best tricks to gold, leveling, dungeons, and raids as well as where to find the best guides to do it all.

In todays segment we are going to talk about Shadowlands. Each time WoW  comes out with a new expansion it changes the game a bit. We did a little digging and found you a guide that is geared more towards new players and getting their heads wrapped around the super expansive game but also to help existing players boost their game. Full of Tips & Tricks. Total game changer! Check it out below!

Check it out here!

Today we are going to be talking about one of the biggest issues for new players... "How do I level my toon efficiently?", or "How do I get enough gold to get all this cool stuff?" We have done some research and found a resource that is helpful for the day one newbie and veterans alike. These guides tips and tricks are Blizzard approved, so no worries about getting banned and losing all your stuff! These guides have been coming out since 2005 and updated to be current as of January 10, 2021. I could literally spend hours just browsing titles.

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Our short segment on one of the most popular long-standing MMORPGs on the market is coming to an end with this article. Since we now how resources to be able to figure out all the nuances of the latest expansion, bulk up the in-game bank account, lets get started playing! Keep in mind you can get great tips on character builds on community based forums such as icyvein and wowhead. Here is your link for 60days of play time. Enjoy!

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